JANUARY tarot messages

happy january!

we’re tapping into the capricorn energy and enhancing the solden experience.

welcome to avi and the moon– our blog of tips, tricks, insight, and all sorts of magic we encounter on this spiritual journey we are so lucky to share.

we’re starting off the month and year with insight from the universe to give us all a little kick in the ass to get it all going. this is energy to be mindful of to harness the power of growth and knowledge from the ups and downs.

we broke up messages by zodiac sign, feel free to check your moon and rising signs as well. you never know what will cause a spark.



Princess of Swords

It’s dark and you can’t see a fucking thing / Get your head out of your ass. Pronto.

Put your thoughts to action. you have a lot of energy, put it to good use. be mindful of spreading yourself too thin, there is chance of making promises you cannot keep. remember to keep your mind clear, and your thoughts aligned with your highest self. with all this energy and action going on, keep in mind those around you as well. your life may be busy, that does not give to let close relationships fall behind. nurture where you are planted before you spread it elsewhere.




Three of Pentacles

Drop the fucking ego / Vulnerability is hot as fuck.

Allow others to give you a hand once in a while. Yes, you can do it all, it does not mean you have to. This year is about reaching out and asking for help, acknowledging that you can do a better job when you work with others. Everyone has something to offer, give them the chance to show you. Let down the walls, you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that open up and how quickly your plans progress.





Take a fucking trip. / Go see some shit. Do some new things. Talk to people cooler than you.

This year is about rebirth, and renewal. Death is the perfect energy to start the new year with. a new cycle, a new way of being is ahead, if you so choose. Be open to the possibilities that come up, do some things outside of your normal routine. life is changing, go with the flow, or get drowned by the current.




Eight of Wands

You need a good fucking cry / Get the ugly cry on. Let that shit go. Your soul will thank you.

You are creative and powerful this year. You know what you want, and you are channeling your strength to get it. Releasing what no longer serves you will continue to help propel you into your next phase of life. Listen to your intuition, follow your creative urges, life is what you make it.




Five of Pentacles

You look like a shitshow. / You’re a hot mess. Fact. Clean yourself up.

You’re feeling out of your element, sometimes the universe humbles you, so you can recognize what you truly have in life. if you need help, ask for it, there are many people around who want to be there for you. you may have been lost on the path, it just takes a good look in the mirror and telling yourself to get your shit together to get you back on track. remember, life does not happen to you, life happens FOR you.




Six of Wands

Stop Obsessing / You are not the fucking center of the universe.

You have there recognition you have been deserving. You always work hard virgo, and you are finally being seen for the hard work you have been putting in. Revel in the success, gain confidence from the praise. Be mindful to not let it all go to your head. with the love and praise you receive, remember to give some back, share the wealth. helping others light their candles will never dim your flame, it spreads your warmth.




Seven of Wands

Stop texting. Stop talking. Stop checking on that person. Just fucking stop / Spend your time on someone worth it. Don’t waste it on ridiculousness.

It looks like you’re going to be stepping out of your comfort zone libra. No longer putting others first, standing up for yourself, and not settling for less. You may have to fight the urges to want to keep the peace, your inner peace is more important at this time. Let go of those who make you think otherwise. Those who value you, will give you the time and space, and always be there when you return.




Eight of Wands

You got a feeling you just. can’t. shake. / The little voice inside you? Listen to that shit.

You are moving ahead quickly into this new year. you have made a decision to trust yourself and the universe is rewarding you. the signs are there, there is no need to question them. keep your eye on the prize, and remember to manifest what you know is on your highest path. your intuition is strong, let it run wild and let your magic shine.





You think someone is lying. / They are.

The culmination of a life goal is coming to a close. you are beginning the new year, with a new energy. you have had your awakening, and you know your path forward. you are no longer fooled by the bullshit. those who do not serve you well will fall behind, the universe has it’s ways of clearing it’s path for those who allow the wheel to turn. give in, you will be so happy you did.




Four of Wands

Be fucking grateful. / Shit could be so much worse.

You are always working hard, take some time to enjoy it. recognize the firm foundation you have built and the happiness you have around you. life is not always a sprint to the end, sometimes you need to take a breather and take in your surroundings. improvement is always something positive to strive for, be sure you are congratulating yourself at each milestone before pushing ahead.




Seven of Wands

Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t look at anyone. / You need some fucking time alone. And you know why.

People are drawn to you, and looking to drain your energy. Stand up for yourself, and keep a strong, solid foundation. You know what you have is worth fighting for, remember to keep your faith strong. It may take isolating yourself from others in order to keep yourself on track. put yourself first when needed, self love and preservation is not selfish.




Five of Wands

Shame, regret and guilt— those are bullshit. / Forgive. Let that shit go.

Life will always throw obstacles at you, that is no reason to beat yourself up. Take the lessons and see your strength from each on you overcome and learn from. there is always success from failure, and there is no where to go but up when you fall down. it is important to recognize uncomfortable situations, it is also important to not dwell. take what you need to, and move on. life is always moving, it hurts when you dig in, it’s smoother when you go with the flow.


wishing you the moon & all the stars ☾