baby i'm a fool for you 🔮

happy summer solstice & cancer season!

we are midway through the year and entering a new season of change. what intentions did you set to work on in january? or even last week? how will you push through the rest of the year?

on the heels of the sagittarius full moon- you are encouraged to reach for your wildest dreams. this is a season of growth and expansion, the universe is blooming with new life, and you are too. what have you been manifesting, and setting stable ground for? now is the time to take action and go for it.

below are tarot messages, combined with a reminder from your january reading- you can get a refresher here.

there are also some big announcements at the end of the readings, so be sure to scroll allllllllll the way down!

tarot messages

i asked and you guys voted (thank you!!)– tarot messages for your zodiac sign are below. take this for now, and through the end of the year.

seems like the universe wanted me to deliver a collective message as well, so i am using this as the overall force of each of the individual zodiac messages.

the fool was a jumper during shuffle, and was also at the bottom of the deck after i laid this spread. i take the bottom of the deck as underlying or driving energy for the messages that come out on top.

jumpers are cards that fly or jump from the deck while you are shuffling. i don’t always take the cards as part of the spread, but do always take mental note. when the same card wants to makes it self known in multiple ways, i take it as a sign to include it with the other messages.

the fool is about stepping into new beginnings with innocence and joy–

no pre-conditioned ways of thinking, attaching judgement or overthinking our decisions. what is, just is. we see an opportunity we want to take- and the universe is urging you to take it. you are supported, and this is meant for you.

we are all looking for that piece of innocence that allows us to take the leap into the unknown.

find your zodiac sun / moon / rising signs below. the first card is the draw for your mid-year, the second two include the energy of the fool and a reflection on our cards from january, you reflect back to the post and messages here.


nine of swords (+ the fool + page of swords)

oh aries, you love control, but you can’t always have it. there are some matters you just have to leave up to the universe, and let the flow of life take a hold. you want something bad, and you can have it, if you get out of your head and start putting thoughts to action. anxiety and unrest will only produce more, redirect your energy to what you want reflected back to you. once you take the leap, you will see the fall is exciting, and not so far at all.


queen of cups (+ the fool + three of pentacles)

you have found your strength in compassion and understanding, in order to set off on this new path, let go of some of that earth energy you are so well grounded in, and let the tide of emotions run through you. people around you have been supportive and receptive of your efforts to be open and more expressive. continue on this journey and you will see more doors open up through the rest of the year.


three of cups (+ the fool + death)

your season is coming to a close, did you celebrate yourself and actually enjoy it? you tend to get in your head a lot, questioning whether you actually deserve all this fun. of course you do. release the atitude that life has to be all work and all results. sometimes it’s fun to do something that does not produce any results. sometimes the only result is happiness, joy, and connections with those close to you (sounds pretty damn good to me). get out of your head a bit and enjoy the life unfolding around you. life happens now, if you’re constantly questioning how it will effect the future, you’re not truly experiencing it.


justice (+ the fool + eight of wands)

the universe is reminding you to step out of your feelings and allow your mental abilities to lead you forward in this new venture. you have a strong emotional sense, finding balance between your feelings and thoughts will keep your forward movement. what you ask for, you will receive, but you do have to ask for it, it will not just appear out of thin air. the universe wants to deliver you what you deserve. be mindful of how your thoughts and emotions align, and if they don’t get them working together. this will allow you to see and feel your offer when it’s presented to you.


page of pentacles (+ the fool + five of pentacles)

you can see through the fog now leo. you have come out of a mind set of lack, and finally processing the offers that have been in front of you all along. your eyes have opened up to the big playground the world has to offer you. this leap will make your foundation strong, and make you feel secure in your physical world. your offering is stable and supported, you come from a place that is grounded and well-thought out. continue to take your time and get all your ducks in a row, there is no rush. more messages are coming, when they do, make sure you have done the work to process the previous, so you can fully focus on what comes next. organize your fiery energy, and keep moving forward.


Six of Wands (+ the fool + six of wands)

virgo, you continuously do your best, usually to the point of exhaustion. this year has been uplifting to you, showing you that the hard work does not go unnoticed by the people around you and the universe. you are being supported to continue on just as you are. let the well wishes and praise continue to shower you with love and appreciation. let that confidence catapult your new beginning. life keeps opening new doors for you, keep stepping into them.


ace of swords (+ the fool + seven of wands)

you are at the start of your power libra. this is a new mental way of being. no more fighting, no more beating around the bush, you go forward with power and confidence. you know the new mind set is just what you need to overcome opposition in what you are doing. you understand that to bring balance to the world around you, you must know what brings you balance within. you have the power of your element behind you, and a double new beginning. if you needed any more signs to take the leap and do what your mind is telling you, this is it!


strength (+ the fool + eight of wands)

you’ve been following a passion project that is channeled through your creativity. you may have been holding back, in fear to share with others, or to take the leap into the unknown. now is the time to follow those dreams. you have a gut feeling that has been growing, so much, at times it may have worn you down as you fought back “i’m not ready yet!!” you are ready now scorpio, you have come to terms with your world around you. you are harnessing your innate strength and knowing, and calming the waters that make you question every turn you take. you will not be blind sided by disappointment, only joy from here.


page of wands (+ the fool + judgement)

this new beginning is about creative and passion endeavors. what has your heart been pulling at to get started? you had an epiphany earlier this year, about what serves you, and what does not. you came to terms with things that need to be shed in order to move forward. you have done that, and now the universe gifts you the guidance to step into your new beginning. take the leap. you’ve got this. you are supported and you are well underway.


the magician (+ the fool + four of wands)

you have made magic happen. you have seen it before your eyes. and you can continue to make it happen. you are rooted in your ideas of your future, not only are they in your head, you physically see them in your realm, whether they are actually here yet or not. capricorn, you have a great sense of drive behind you that paired with the magician and the fool, there is nothing that can stop you. what are your wildest dreams? your not one to let your thoughts get away from you, maybe this time you should. it doesn’t hurt to let yourself get a bit creative and think a bit out of the box. getting out of your comfort zone will surprise you, see how you thrive!


the emperor (+ the fool + seven of wands)

you know the direction you want to go and you are standing your ground. there may be outside forces trying to dissuade you are push you in a new direction. you not only have the confidence to keep your course, you also have the leadership to show others why it is right for you. they do not have to agree, only to see your point of view so they are no longer hassling your decisions. if they are unable to align, you will have no problem leaving them behind. the emperor is independent and strong, he attracts the tribe he wants, and releases the energy no longer propelling him forward. this is your battle to win, get into action and go.


queen of pentacles (+ the fool + five of wands)

there’s a need to be a bit more grounded in how you nurture others this month. it’s not always about supplying emotional support, some people just need someone to physically be around, and have a strong support. you may need to be that support for yourself. show up grounded in this new approach, understand all that you already have, all that you have built, and all that you have to offer. you will remind yourself just how worthy you are of this new start, and show the universe you are ready.



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i have been asked since i started solden if i do readings, and my answer has always been with a heavy heart- no. i want to, but i have been overwhelmed. i have been working on opening my energy and also preserving it as well. also since i began solden, i have been receiving messages that it is time to share myself with people around me.

i’ve done some readings recently and received uplifting feedback. i’ve been contemplating offering them for the past few days and then…

yesterday i was watching one of my youtube tarot readers, her final message was a card called tarot. the message was simple; either learn the art if you’ve been feeling called to it, or if you’ve been questioning doing readings, it is time to start. you have a gift that can help heal, share.

i got goosebumps, and now i announce: i am opening myself up to readings. these will be simple spreads, with written interpretations or video recording delivered to you privately. in-person readings are not on the agenda at the moment. at pop-ups i will stick with light-hearted one card pulls. more information will come once i get the details worked out.

come meet me! let’s talk magic, and allow your ritual tools to choose you.

06.30 - boho tag sale
07.04 - makers market
07.14 - honey hangs

see events page for full details.

wishing you the moon & all the stars ☾