aries season! let’s go.

a new zodiac year is upon us. happy aries season!

you may have felt bogged down during pisces season. the end of the zodiac year in the watery sign stirs up a lot of emotions and realizations of what needs to be shed for us to begin anew. cue aries season, giving us the courage to take action on our findings.

the full moon in libra while the sun entered aries shed light on our partnerships and what balance we can bring to the table. the ram energy gives us the determination to get the ball rolling and make the changes we know we need to.

keep reading to find out more about aries, and get your tarot message for what your sign can harness during this fiery season.


DATES: MAR. 20 – APR. 19
element: fire 
quality: cardinal
planet: mars
house: first, house of self
light: enthusiastic, courageous, passionate
shadow: impatient, moody, aggressive

aries are natural born leaders and always ready to kick start their next project, they just may never finish it. regardless of their mind focusing on ten things at once, the loyal sign will be there through thick and thin. the fearless warrior can’t help but to dive head first into all that they do with fire, passion, and exuberance. 

harness the energy of aries this month by choosing to lead in all that you do. do not wait for others to start, jump in and go, even if no one is behind. they’ll catch up eventually! be mindful of pushing others though, you may want them to follow, yet the choice is all theirs!


suit: wands
major arcana: the emperor
court card: queen of wands


aries season messages
for your zodiac sign:


ARIES / ace of swords / your new mind set starts now, your vision is clear and concise. no more holding yourself back, no more boxes to fit in. just go with the flow, the universe has your back.

TAURUS / the sun / you are stepping into your abundance. good times are shining down, focus on happiness and tying up loose ends.

GEMINI / 2 of swords / decisions, decisions. what are you turning a blind eye too? stop dragging your feet, you’re keeping yourself stuck. you know the choice you want to make. go for it.

CANCER / queen of coins / you have put in your hard work, you are taking this time to enjoy your abundance, and give back to those around you. nurture yourself and your loved ones. show gratitude daily.

LEO / strength / you are in your power. (strength is the leo card!) this season will help you with your final push, make those hard decisions, and go forward into the life you have been striving for.

VIRGO / wheel of fortune / a new karmic cycle has begun with this new zodiac year. jump on and let the universe take you for a ride. this is your soul’s purpose, you will learn so much.

LIBRA / ace of cups / new beginnings in personal relationships. this is a happy time for you to enjoy meaningful connections with new people that you meet. keep yourself open and loving and everything is real.

SCORPIO / 6 of swords / transitioning from rough murky thoughts, to a calm clearer sense of self. that mindset you are working hard to overcome is slowly falling away. you’ve got this.

SAGITTARIUS / knave of wands / your adventurous side is running wild. fuel it, follow the passion, your intuition is being ignited. watch for creative messages. synchronicities are all around.

CAPRICORN / strength / you are feeling the inspirational spark from the fire energy. you are determined and pushing your way through. keep striving for that new goal, the universe is supporting you.

AQUARIUS / the lovers / you are feeling good with yourself and those around you. you are encountering people on your soul journey, everyone you meet has a purpose and will help you prepare for the choices ahead. overall, love yourself first.

PISCES / justice / you are leaving your season balanced and full of all that you need. your season has filled you back up, and has helped you come to terms with leaving things behind and starting new.

wishing you the moon & all the stars ☾