eye see you


i wanted to post something to IG-still learning to calm the constant fear that i am not present enough there. my product photography is running low, and i wanted something fun. i was about to start phishing through stock image sites, when i remembered being on pinterest the other day and saving this one, and said, that’s it!

i was going to just share the image, and quickly mark it off my to-do list. the caption that kept coming to me was “see through the bullshit.”

so i stopped, and asked my intentions. WHY do i feel the need to share this image? WHY do i feel the need to caption it in this way? no judgement. just understanding.

the evil eye itself is one of malice, given to someone out of spite, and in hopes the recipient will suffer from misfortune.

commonly we see the evil eye on jewelry, clothing, and other physical objects. in this light, the wearer is protected from evil spirits and brings in good fortune.

as i try to do everything in my life with more intention, i asked WHY and i explored. it lead me to a collective reading. get your message below:

featured:  she wolfe tarot  & black moon astrology cards (NEW!)

featured: she wolfe tarot & black moon astrology cards (NEW!)

nine of swords
neptune - sacrifice

it seems like there is a push and pull with everyone lately. the new season brings life to everything, and the world is awakening again. people are jumping out of their winter hibernation, events are happening, plans are being made. old routines, lifestyles, and habits are being shed. there is an underlying need for renewal.

life is fun, exciting, moving quickly, and yet, we are met with worry.

am i really enjoying myself? is there more i could be doing? could i be having more fun? is something else more exciting? is the grass greener on the other side?

you may come to the realization that no, you are not where you want to be. no, you are not enjoying yourself. and you want everything to change NOW.


you are right where you are meant to be. things are foggy. use the uneasiness to focus in on the WHY? thank the universe for it’s message- there is something that needs to be seen, and you will not miss it.

step back and see the options in front of you. you are not stuck, you are not locked in to any specific ending.

some decisions may be new, some may be carrying over. take all the time you need to understand. ask the universe, what is this teaching me? where am i growing from this? what lesson must i take with me?

envision it all working itself out in the palm of your hands, and then wash your hands clean. release it to the universe to take care.

i release, i let go, my life is in perfect flow.

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wishing you the moon & all the stars ☾