aquarius season + after full moon reading


welcome to aquarius season!

we hope you faired well during last night’s full moon eclipse in leo. this was the perfect start to the free-spirited sign’s season.

the full moon asks us to release and set new for the next cycle, while the eclipse brings to light shadow energies that have been recurring for years.

this full moon probably caused you some unrest and uneasiness as old habits and life cycles you thought you had worked through were kicked back up in your face or brought to light for the first time.

you are not alone! i always take this as a sign as being well-aligned with the universe & going with the flow.

the combination of leo and aquarius gives us courage and strength to break from the societal norms we have been conditioned to live in. this energy forges a new path where we feel free to be authentically and unapologetically ourselves, for the whole world to love and accept.

no more holding back, it’s time to show up and be present.

find out a little bit more about the water-bearing air sign below, and continue to the end of this post for an (after) full moon collective reading.


Dates: jan. 20—feb. 18

element: air / fixed
light: humanitarian, independent, original
shadow: emotionally distant, uncompromising, aloof

aquarius is innovative, independent, and at the same time deeply connected with the community around them. they keep their distance by guarding their emotions, yet always have a helping hand to lend, only if you are trusted will you see all sides to them.

aquarians are quirky and strive for individuality. what can you do this month to step outside of your shell and let your freak flag fly? on the shadow side, aquarians tend to think they know best. so while you let your flag fly, make sure you aren’t holding it in the way of someone’s light. everyone has their own way of thinking.


major arcana: the star
suit: swords
court card: king of swords



after full moon reading

i was feeling compelled to share some messages with the collective that i hope in some way will help you along this transition.

the small cross spread is centered around the main theme, crossed by the driving force. to the left we have the past energy we are coming from and on the right we have the present/future energy we are in or will experience soon.


the central theme of this spread is the king of wands- reminiscent of that beautiful leo courage and strength we harnessed to move us through this powerful eclipse. the king of wands gives us the confidence, courage, and creativity to shed the past and start anew. he stands tall, is an attractive leader, and forges ahead with passion and understanding.

he is crossed by the ten of pentacles, the card of happy home, happy life. this is asking us to question and have the courage to say, is what i’ve been striving for all this time what i TRULY want? or do i want it because it is what i’ve always been told i want? because it’s what everyone else has? it takes a lot of power to recognize what you truly want, and it takes even more to break down the old patterns and LIVE your true life.

in the past position we have the nine of pentacles, a card of independence, happiness and fulfillment. this is a beautiful place to be starting a new chapter of life from. we are able to start with a solid foundation because we have the love and fulfillment from within ourselves. you have to know yourself to determine what will make your life fulfilling. these past few weeks we have evaluated, and re-evaluated. we have had the rug taken out from under us when we thought it was nailed down tightly.

in the present/future position we get the four of swords, representing rest, relaxation and regeneration. we have another battle to move on to, we have a whole new life to start, filled with fun challenges ahead! for now, we reset, and reflect on what has been going on, and what these dark areas we have dug up.

overall i see this spread as encouragement to follow your intuition. take note of the things that have come up that make you uncomfortable. do not shy away, charge into them, you have the king of wands behind you! we are making changes from a place of self love and no longer from a place of anxiety and fear. this is a stable foundation, one that will only bring more fulfillment, if you just have the courage to take the leap.


tarot deck:

wishing you the moon & all the stars ☾