Rest Your Body


Rest Your Body


crystal kits are the perfect start for newbies, or addition to novice collections. great for gifting to oneself or others, each kit has intuitively chosen crystals and ritual tools that are hand packaged with ove, light, and positive intentions.

the body kit is perfect for self acceptance and grounding. use this kit to feel confident, strong, and protected from negative energy in all of your daily pursuits.

(1) aventurine tumbled stone / relieves anxiety, brings good luck, increases creativity
(1) black tourmaline tumbled stone / clears and cleanses blockages, protection against negative energy
(1) clear quartz tumbled stone / amplifies spiritual wisdom, provides clarity of mind
(1) palo santo stick / grounds, clears, and balances energy
dried lavender / relieves nerves and anxiety, eliminates stress, promotes calmness and sleep
keepsake SOLDEN linen muslin bag
quick-guide to your tools.

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